Toaster oven vs Microwave

Toaster Oven Vs Microwave -Which Is Better?

So you must have noticed that you can conserve a lot of energy by shifting from ovens to smaller cooking appliances such as a microwave or toaster oven when reheating your meal. But…which one is better, toaster oven or the microwave? We are taking a closer look to get the answer to Toaster Oven Vs. Microwave, which one is better?

Energy Consumption of Toaster Oven And Microwave

As far as energy consumption is concerned, the debate of Toaster oven Vs. a microwave doesn’t fit to compete with each other. It’s because a microwave utilizes on an average around 750-1100 watts. Whereas, a toaster oven consumes around 1200-1700 (EnergySavers). Primarily, when using a countertop device rather than a standard oven, a toaster oven will employ about half the energy, while a microwave utilizes about one-third of the power.

It’s safe to say that you’ll be utilizing lesser energy overall if you opt for a microwave. The real trick is in how you will use it, and how you want your food cooked. That’s what matters!

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Uses Of Toaster Oven And Microwave

Both a toaster oven and microwave are designed for different uses. If you want something to heat instantly, and that doesn’t matter how the food turns out, all you want is a sizzlingly hot food; then microwave is all you need.

On the other hand, if you wish to imitate traditional oven cooking, then a toaster oven may be of help to you; it will let you heat the food more slowly but also more evenly.
However, whichever you choose, either way, you are going to save money and energy as compared to a conventional oven; if you are using these devices for reheating your food and want to prepare quick meals.

However, you will feel the notable difference in not only how your food turns out; but, also how much time does it take to be ready. A microwave is typically used for reheating food or cooking frozen or half-cooked meals. Unless you don’t use an oven at all and are baking frozen lasagna, which takes approximately 25 minutes, you’re plausibly only utilizing a microwave for a few minutes at a time. Average daily utilization is around 15 minutes total on high for heating food. Considering an average price of $0.10 per kilowatt hour, that sums up to .36 kWh, or $0.04. (Consumer Energy Center)

When it comes to a toaster oven, it needs more time to heat the food. Usually, a toaster oven is left for preheating for a few minutes; then the meal is baked or broiled. For example, reheating a piece of pizza bread takes about 2 minutes in a microwave, but it takes about 5 minutes at 350 degrees in a toaster oven. Average everyday use for heating meals is about 50 minutes at 425 degrees, which sums up to an average of .95 kWh, or $0.10. (Consumer Energy Center)

Decision Time: Toaster Oven Vs. Microwave

Is it worth the extra energy bill to have a meal that feels and tastes like it freshly came out of the oven? Eventually, it’s up to you. Both microwave and toaster oven have a variety of manual settings providing you versatility in cooking. With a microwave, you can do everything from heating pasta to boiling water to defrosting a chicken piece to popping popcorn. In a toaster oven, you can bake, broil toast, and so on.

A rule of thumb is if you need your food thawed fast and with the limited energy usage, go for a microwave. But if you want perfectly heated food while still utilizing half the energy of the conventional oven, opt for a toaster oven.

Of course, it’s also likely to have both devices and use them according to your necessities, maximizing the energy conservation of the microwave where suitable, and the quality of the toaster oven where relevant, and evading a standard oven altogether in many cases.

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