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How To Make Coffee? – 5 basics explained

Like a grouchy zombie, you shuffle your way into your kitchen each morning with some random reflexive moans and groans.  Not much aware of your cognizance, you brew yourself a bitter pot of black elixir that’s enough to revive your mortality.

Repeating this same habit every morning since entering adulthood, your semi-comatose corpse has never wondered if there is a better way. After all, if it awakens you what is there to better?

The fact is, you can brew the best cup of coffee of your life with just your home coffee maker, and for less money than you are paying right now for your stale pre-ground coffee beans. Oh, you didn’t know you were getting stale coffee beans? Read on…


How To Make Coffee Better With A Coffee Maker?

Follow the guide below, and each morning you will be enjoying the best cup of coffee you ever had.



What majority of people fail to realize is coffee beans are like bread, they stale fast. Usually, many people don’t get the taste of stale beans, because this is what they’ve been getting for the whole of their life. Your coffee beans were already stale when you purchased them.

If you want to enhance your coffee, you have to better your bean, and this is how:

Grind your own beans. It is always suggested to buy coffee beans whole and crush them quickly before brewing. This maximizes freshness. The best way to crush them is by using a Burr Grinder, which will guarantee an even grind every time.

Blade Grinders aren’t suggested since they often will crush too finely. Though, you can make them work by grinding with a series of quick beats.

Roast your beans by yourself. This will make the most climactic change in your coffee. Using a comparatively inexpensive home coffee bean roaster, you can make the most pristine beans you’ll ever taste. Green coffee beans can be bought online, and cost exceptionally less than the stale pre-roasted beans.


Many people store coffee beans in the fridge or freezer. This is not advised because the moistened environment inside your fridge will make the coffee taste like cardboard. So, keep the beans dry in an airtight jar away from the sunlight.


You can brew exceptional coffee in a lot of ways. This includes using the famous French Coffee Press. But, let’s just stick to how to make coffee with a coffee maker.  

The difficulty with making a coffee in a coffee maker is the extreme variation in brewing temperatures. What most people don’t understand is you should ideally brew your coffee in water heated to 195-205 degrees for maximum flavor extraction.

Instead, buy a coffee maker mainly designed to boil water to the optimal heat. One such coffee maker is Bonavita Coffee BV1900TS, which I personally use. It is one of the rare home brewing systems approved by the SCAA to brew in the right temperature, time, and essence ranges.

Finally, the most evident and neglected aspect of mastering how to make coffee is the quality of the water you’re using. If your tap water tastes terrible, your coffee will too taste off. For exceptional tasting coffee, I recommend only filtered water.


Wrap Up -How To Make Coffee

If you follow this guide, you will turn into a coffee snob in no time. I ensure you this won’t be by any kind of ostentatious choice, but rather your home coffee will now taste unbelievably better than anything you get to sip from the gas station, church, or the office break room.

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