Cleaning a coffee maker

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker for Better Coffee Taste

Since everything needs care, so do your coffee maker! Treat your coffee maker well, and it will be sure to reciprocate the care you give. The coffee machine is something that you count on every morning to wake you up and stimulate your mind and body.  It provides that desperately needed caffeine kick when you are feeling blue.

So, it deserves to get a good cleaning now and then to be brewing strong. For your morning coffee cups to taste well, rinse the pot after every use and make sure you clean out the filter too. Also, your machine needs deep cleansing at least once a month.

If you’re wondering how to do it accurately, stop worrying. Because we are here to help you out with our simple guide on how to clean your coffee maker. Follow the simple steps given below to know how to clean your coffee maker.

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  1. Use Vinegar or Cleaning Solution

Continual use of coffee maker often leaves it with calcium deposits that you need to clean off. Use any good coffee cleaner solution, or you can also use vinegar for this purpose. Just pour four vinegar cups into the machine and brew the solution using an empty filter.

  1. Wait A Bit

All the programmable coffee makers will stop for like 30 minutes maximum, letting the solution does its job well. Though, waiting seems a tedious task, but, you can always keep a cup of freshly brewed coffee to kill time!

  1. Resume

When 30 minutes are over, the machine will automatically turn on again and end up brewing the vinegar or any cleaning solution. Once it’s done; empty the solution, toss its filter or rinse the permanent filter and rinse it thoroughly.

  1. Repeat, Use Water Only

Now, repeat this cleaning process again and again with pure water; so that any leftover solution can be dumped entirely out. Then, drain the water and run the machine for one last time using water only. Again give two brews with water only, and empty the water.

Finally, your coffee maker is clean and all set to be used again! When you make coffee after cleaning, you will notice a fresher taste than the previous cups and with the satisfaction of hygiene too.  By washing the machine once in a month, your coffee maker is sure to last long.


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