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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

What are the benefits of coffee? Studies have proved that drinking coffee every day can benefit lower your risk of various dangerous health problems and even help you feel healthy.

In this write-up, we will address the benefits of coffee; so that you stop pitying yourself for being addicted to coffee.

So let’s get started and see how much coffee can positively affect your body and mind!

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  1. Coffee Boosts Your Metabolism and Helps You Work Better Physically

Studies have shown that drinking coffee can boost your metabolism and help you shed fat at a higher rate, hence, positively contributing to your weight loss. It also has been proven to better athletic performance and strength during exercise.

  1. Coffee Is the Top Source of Antioxidants and Vital Nutrients

Believe me or not, coffee has so many nutritional values. It has a number of vital nutrients, including riboflavin (11% of the RDA), pantothenic acid (6% of the RDA), potassium (3% of the RDA), manganese (3% of the RDA), niacin (2% of the RDA) and  magnesium (2% of the RDA) .

Coffee is also enriched with antioxidants, and one of the top sources of antioxidants in the American diet. Antioxidants prevent or delay cell destruction, and they can regulate how fast you age by combating free radicals.

  1. Coffee Can Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes, an immense health issue everywhere with over 400 million patients, hits about 8% of adults over the age of 18 worldwide.

According to studies people who drink coffee tend to have comparatively lower risks developing Type II diabetes.

If you’re worried about diabetes, you may consider including coffee in your diet plan on a regular basis to increase your chances of preventing it.

  1. Coffee Can Make You Smarter

Coffee includes a chemical called caffeine… yes, I know you are familiar with that, but, you may not know caffeine is central nervous system stimulant! When you take coffee, the caffeine moves to the brain where it has to enhance the firing of the neurons and increase energy metabolism throughout your brain.

  1. May Help Avoid Liver Disease

This is for all those alcoholic lads out there!

Studies have revealed that there’s an ingredient in coffee that defends against a liver disease named cirrhosis. If you aren’t familiar of cirrhosis before; it’s a condition where your liver tissue is broken and replaced with scar tissue. It can originate several ways like from infections, obesity, and other diseases, but mainly from taking in too much alcohol.

Drinking coffee on a daily basis has been proved to be a natural detox to help shield against the onset of cirrhosis, particularly alcoholic cirrhosis.

  1. Coffee May Help Avoid Heart Disease and Stroke

Further studies that determine that moderate coffee drinking reduced the risk of coronary heart disease in females.

Research has also revealed that higher usage of coffee decreased the risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

  1. Caffeine May Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

A research based study found in National institute of Health that higher consumption of coffee can lower the risk of a particular type of skin cancer, known as melanoma.

Research by the National Institute of Health found that higher coffee consumption was linked to a moderate decrease in the contingency of a particular type of skin cancer called melanoma.

If you’re worried about your risk of skin cancer, try supplementing a few cups of coffee to your diet plan to help lower your chances. And don’t forget your SPF while you’re at it!


After all these studies shared above, I’ve found the answer to the question: Is coffee good for your health? YES!

Drinking coffee regularly is not just a feast, it’s actually good for you, too! With all the prominent reasons you can quit feeling guilty about indulging and enjoy the benefits of coffee today!

So drink up your cup of coffee and reap all the benefits of coffee!

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